Adult ADHD Assessments in Newcastle

ADHD can have a significant impact on people in many different areas of their lives - whether at home, at work, or in their studies. Undiagnosed, it can lead to a great deal of frustration and difficult emotions. If you think you have ADHD, an assessment and diagnosis can provide you with a better understanding of yourself and help you to move forwards with your life.

At Turning Tides Psychology, we have many years experience of working with neurodiversity. Our combined experience, training and thorough assessment process means that following diagnosis, you can go on to get the support that you need. Our specialist, in depth assessments are designed to meet the same standard as an assessment within the NHS but without the long waiting time.


What is ADHD?

ADHD stands for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. It is a neurodevelopmental disorder that is generally characterised by symptoms such as difficulties with attention or focus, hyperactivity and impulsiveness. ADHD affects people of all ages. Signs and symptoms usually appear in childhood and can change or develop as people get older.

People with ADHD may find that their symptoms have more of a detrimental impact on their lives once they become adults. The additional responsibility of adulthood combined with less structure and more of a need to be self-reliant can mean that difficulties become far more noticeable or impactful. For this reason, many people initially seek a diagnosis when they are already into adulthood, rather than being assessed as children.

Common signs of ADHD in Adults include:

  • Impulsive behaviour
  • Difficulties with prioritising tasks
  • Finding it hard to focus or maintain attention
  • Disorganisation
  • Difficulties multitasking
  • Mood swings and/or feeling irritable
  • Restlessness

What does an ADHD assessment involve?

At Turning Tides Psychology we aim to provide a high quality, in depth assessment in a timely manner. We use gold standard assessment measures and ensure our reports adhere to NICE guidelines for best practice. You will be assessed by two highly qualified, experienced Clinical Psychologists who have both received additional training in the assessment and diagnosis of ADHD.

Your assessment will involve a few different steps. After a brief initial phone call with one of our psychologists, you will be sent some questionnaires to complete, to provide us with some more information about the difficulties you are experiencing and any relevant background information. We will also ask you to provide details of a friend or family member who knows you well (and preferably has known you since childhood) so we can ask them for further information about signs of ADHD that they might have observed in you.

Following this initial gathering of information, you will have two appointments with our psychologists. The first of these will last around an hour to 90 minutes and is an opportunity for us to find out more in depth information about your developmental history and any psychiatric/medical information that might be useful for us to consider. The second appointment takes up to 2 hours and will be a more structured interview, focusing specifically on the signs and symptoms of ADHD and how these impact on your day to day life.

Once our psychologists have all of the information they need, the evidence will be carefully considered and they will reach a diagnostic conclusion together (whether or not you meet the criteria for a diagnosis of ADHD). You will then have a feedback appointment where we can communicate the outcome of the assessment with you. This is followed up with a formal, written report. During the feedback session, you are welcome to ask us any questions you have and we can provide signposting to services who are able to provide further support (e.g. medication).

Summary of adult ADHD assessment process:

1. Questionnaires- relating to ADHD will be sent to you to complete before the first appointment.

2. Psychological assessment- this is where we will ask you questions about why you are seeking an assessment. It will also cover questions on your social activities, home life, medical history, mental health history and childhood. Please allow 90 minutes for this appointment.

3. Diagnostic interview- this is where the diagnostic questionnaire will be undertaken with you. It will mainly ask questions with regards to the diagnosis of ADHD. You are able to bring an informant (e.g. a parent) to this interview to comment on how you were as a child if you think this would be helpful. Please allow 2 hours for this appointment.

4. Feedback session- this is where feedback will be given to you and we will discuss whether you meet the diagnosis for ADHD or not. A one page summary of our feedback will provided at this appointment and signposting will be provided if appropriate (e.g. for medication). Please allow 30 minutes for this appointment.

5. Report- further to your final appointment a comprehensive report will be sent to you within 4 weeks.

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We charge a set fee of £995 for an adult ADHD assessment. This covers all of the appointments mentioned in the above process, as well as the written report. The ADHD assessment itself is carried out by two clinical psychologists. We aim to turn the vast majority of assessments around within 4 weeks.


Why choose a psychologist?

All clinical psychologists are educated to doctoral level. This means as a minimum they have completed a degree in Psychology and a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Their training spans a minimum of 6 years of education, although often psychologists have done further education and training than this.

If you choose Turning Tides Psychology to complete your adult ADHD assessment, you will be assessed by two clinical psychologists. Both of the clinical psychologists who complete the assessment have specific additional training around ADHD and diagnosis and are highly experienced in providing ADHD assessments for adults. Our Clinical Psychologists are fully registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and uphold required standards for codes of conduct, continued professional development and supervision.

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